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(Updated on 10/10/2021)

We have some other beautiful and useful plants available. Please browse below for varieties and pictures.

Double heart flowers


3 gallon 1-2′ $12.00

Gardenias are well loved for their fragrant flowers and shiny green foliage. People often put them by doorways where you can smell the intoxicating fragrance. They are best planted in light to partial shade.

Garlic Chives

3 gallon $6.00 (Seasonal Clearance Buy One Get One Free)

A versatile herb that can be used in soup, salad, mashed potatoes, and many other dishes. They can be cut at ground level and grow out again every 3-4 weeks.

Green Onions

3 gallon $6.00 (Seasonal Clearance Buy One Get One Free)

AKA scallions. They have a more mild taste than regular onions. When you cut them to use, you can leave 1 inch in the ground for it to grow out again.

Lemon Grass

3 gallon $9.00

A popular ornamental grass that’s also a culinary and medicinal herb with lemon-like scent. It grows to 2-3 feet tall. It can be used in cooking or made into herbal tea.

Loquat Trees

3 gallon 1-2′ $10.00 (Seasonal Clearance Buy One Get One Free)

An ornamental tree that produces yummy fruits. The trees can be pruned to stay 10-15 feet tall. The fruits are sweet and are good for the respiratory system.

Double heart flowers

Mandevilla Red

3 gallon $12.00

Mandevilla is an evergreen tropical vine known for its large, colorful flowers. Comes with 3 bamboo sticks as a trellis.

Moringa Trees

5 gallon 5-7′ $45.00

Only 1 tree left

Moringa trees are highly valued for their edible leaves, pods, seeds, and even the roots that are extremely high in nutrients and minerals, as well as their beautiful ornamental features.

List of Plants Available

We have a limited collection of plants for sale other than clumping bamboo. If it’s listed here, we have some in stock.


Garlic Chives, Green Onions, Lemon Grass, Leaf of life.


Gardenias, Purple Pink Crepe Myrtle.


Brazilian Mulberries, Crepe Myrtles, Loquat Trees, Moringa Trees.

Seeds Collection

(Coming soon)

A Choy ( a kind of lettuce with dense flavor)


Crispifolia (a kind of Mustard Greens)

Green Onions (non-bulbing bunching variety)

Long Beans

Purple Line Green Beans

Red Round Radish

Rosella Hibiscus

Peace Love Plants

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