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What's New

We will introduce some new plants into our nursery, such as Lemon Grass, Chives and Green Onions.

More information will be available soon…

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Top Benefits of Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is the fastest growing land plant, which offers the fastest natural way to gain privacy.

Bamboo is great for noise barriers, windbreakers, and living screens.

Bamboo is durable, affordable, and strong.

More importantly, some bamboo plants are beautiful and exotic to look at. Here in our nursery you will find bamboos with green, blue, golden, or black color, many with beautiful stripes.

Bamboo shoots are nutritious and delicious.

By absorbing 5x the amount of CO2 and producing up to 35% more oxygen than standard trees in the same amount of space, bamboo is your Eco-friendly plant option.

Bamboo is naturally bacteria and pest-resistant, there is usually no need for the use of pesticides or any other chemicals.

Angel Mist

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Asian Lemon

Baby Blue

Blue Timber

Chinese Dwarf Bamboo

Dragon Head Bamboo

Dwarf Buddha Belly

Emerald Bamboo

Giant Timber

Golden Goddess

Graceful Bamboo

Lako Black Bamboo


Sun and Moon

Yin Yang

Central Florida Bamboo for Sale

  • We specialize in Non-Invasive clumping bamboo – one of the best choices for living screens and bamboo privacy fence.
  • In our 10 acre bamboo nursery, we carry 16 of the most popular bamboo varieties that will thrive in the Central Florida climate.
  • We are conveniently located in the Greater Orlando area, close to UCF, 26 miles from downtown Orlando, and 20 miles from I-95.

5 Things to Know About Planting Bamboo

  1. In Central Florida, Bamboo can be planted in Spring, Summer and Fall. Normally, I would not plant bamboo from December to February.
  2. Bamboo thrives in full sun but can live just fine in partial sun. It will be happy to sway next to trees or into the trees.
  3. Bamboo needs to be watered daily for 4 to 6 weeks after planting. Then it can be watered with the lawn sprinkler schedule or as needed.
  4. Bamboo roots need to breathe and should be planted in soil that drains well. As long as the water is able to drain, the more water the better.
  5. A good fertilizer for bamboo should have the N-P-K ratio around 18-6-12 with some minors. If you want an easy and effective fertilizer routine, apply 6-8 months slow release fertilizer in March and September.

Recycle and Get Greener

We recycle everything whenever possible. Tree trimming companies bring us many truckloads of wood chips, saving their landfill fees and providing us needed mulch. We use some to mulch our field grown bamboo and some to compost to become excellent soil in a few years.